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Frequently Asked Questions and Guidelines

Swaha Lodge and Marina, Inc. is committed to offer a clean, comfortable, and safe vacation spot for our guest. We strive to conserve natural resources and save the environment, while also minimizing costs associated with additional staffing, supplies, and maintenance. We would like to ask that you assist us in our efforts by helping with a few housekeeping tips and policies. 


Pet Policy (Dogs Only)

Do not allow pets on furniture

Pets must not be left unattended in unoccupied cabins unless kenneled

Loud noises and constant barking will not be tolerated

Upon departure, cabins are checked and pet owners are responsible for all pet damages, including extra cleaning fees, as deemed necessary at a rate of $50 per hour

Pet-friendly units include Captain’s Quarters, Clumsy Owl “A”, Clumsy Owl “B” and units 1, 2, 3, 4

 A $250 pet fee will be charged for pets in any other unit, per night

No Smoking/Fire Policy

All lodging facilities are non-smoking units

Smoking is permitted outdoors; please dispose of butts responsibly

Please refrain from littering to alleviate fines

A $250 smoking fee will be assessed if unit has smoke residue, per night

No open fires allowed if county is under a burn ban

Daily Linen Drops

Clean towels, 1 trash bag, 1 coffee packet, and condiment packets will be left daily

Additional toilet tissue will be assessed by number in party and days of reservations

Please leave soiled linens outside your door by 10:00 a.m. for daily pick up

Additional items such as trash bags, coffee, etc. may be purchased at the marina store

Repairs & Maintenance

Please report any repair or maintenance problems immediately

Do not try to repair electrical or maintenance issues


Check-in is at 3:00p.m.-Check-out is at 11:00a.m.

No need to make/strip the beds

Please leave soiled towels on the bathroom floor upon departure

Wash all dishes

Remove all opened food from the kitchen

Please remove trash and dispose of in the outdoor receptacle

Turn off all lights; Turn the heat or a/c unit to 68˚

Extinguish all open flames/campfires

Keys need to be returned to the office if you need to settle up on account balances or you may leave keys on the table or in the key drop box if you paid at check-in.



Room contents are checked before and after being occupied

(Including branded cups and mugs)

Missing items are reported and guests will be charged for items plus a restocking fee

Souvenir items may be purchased from the marina store

Do not remove items from the unit; if sharing with another unit, please replace them before vacating



For the safety of you and your family, please keep lodging units locked at all times. Do not allow unknown guests into your cabin. Please confirm with the office, if a person identifies themselves as a staff member and requests to enter your room. If you see any signs of unwanted guests, feel threatened, or notice any suspicious activity, please notify our office IMMEDIATELY. Please try to get a description of the subject, if possible. Do not confront the subject as we will take care of the situation and contact local law enforcement as necessary.

Be safe on the water. Lake Greeson is a very deep lake and often guests do not realize the dangers. However, small amounts of water can be just as dangerous. Respect the water and be courteous to other visitors. Keep your distance from other vessels if you are navigating the water. Keep all family and friends in touch. Be sure everyone knows the dangers and report back to a family member or friend when going out. It is a good idea to have a general location.


Boat Launching/Fees

The US Corps of Engineers require a boat launching fee of $5.00 that can be paid at the ramp. There is a brown canister to the left of the launching ramp. Take an envelope from the canister, fill out the information, place your $5.00 in the envelope, and then hang the tag on your tow vehicle’s rear view mirror.


Please pay close attention and observe and obey all park signs. If you have received a citation, in most cases, you have done one of the following:

You have not paid your boat launch fee or you have parked in the wrong area. The first 2 spaces on the bottom row are for vehicles WITHOUT trailers. If you park there with a trailer, you will be ticketed.

If you do get a citation, Swaha Lodge has nothing to do with citations; that is the Corps of Engineers. If you receive a citation on a weekday, you may take it up to the field office at the top of the hill and speak to them about it. If it is on a weekend, speak to an on-duty park ranger or call (870) 285-2151 during business hours on weekdays.

If you need to detach your boat trailer from a tow vehicle, you may park it on the middle road at the marina.



Swaha does not offer a pool but you have a whole lake to swim in!

There are designated public swimming areas that join the marina but are operated and maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers. There is a user fee for persons over 12 years of age. There is a brown canister near the swim beach for fee collection. Take an envelope from the canister, fill out the information, place the proper amount in the envelope and hang the tag on your rear view mirror. Swimming is prohibited on the boat ramp.


Fishing/Cleaning Station

Lake Greeson is home to a large variety of fish species and is open to public fishing. Anyone 16 years of age and older must possess a valid Arkansas fishing license.

If you are fishing for trout in the Little Missouri River (tail waters of the dam), you must also possess an additional trout permit. We advise anglers to watch signs carefully and know the laws to avoid citations.

Guests may fish the main lake or they may choose bank fishing in the marina area. Overnight guests are allowed to fish from boat docks EXCEPT for the store dock or any that may house a houseboat. Please respect the privacy of our boat owners and do not enter houseboat docks at any time. If you are fishing from another dock, please be courteous to anyone walking onto the dock or boarding a boat. Absolutely no fishing is allowed from the main dock (office). The USACE prohibits fishing in designated swim areas and boat launching ramps.

Please do not clean fish at your cabin. There is a designated fish cleaning station located on “G” Dock at the marina for your convenience.

 Fish License Pricing:

Arkansas Resident Annual Fishing Permit – $10.50

Arkansas Resident Annual Trout Permit – $10.00

Non-Resident 3 Day Fishing Permit – $30.00

Non-Resident Annual Fishing Permit – $60.00

Non-Resident Annual Trout Permit – $20.00

Licenses may be purchased at Swaha Lodge & Marina, Inc.

Please provide your Driver’s License and Social Security Number

Fisheries are regulated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Thank you for being a responsible guest. 

Our family hopes you enjoy your stay and have a safe trip home.

The Fant Family 



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Emergency Dispatch

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